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Pamela Anderson: 'I don't want to be an old Baywatch babe'

Pamela Anderson: 'I don't want to be an old Baywatch babe'

Actress Pamela Anderson doesn't want to be an "old lady working at a counter" in the Baywatch remake.

The blonde bombshell starred as C.J. Parker in the classic TV show about lifeguards between 1992 and 1997, and with a movie remake on the way, the 48-year-old's debate as to whether she should get involved with the new film project centres around her professional legacy.

"Well, they called me and asked me to be in it, but I haven't decided yet," she explained to the American edition of Harper's Bazaar. "I don't know. I don't like remakes of TV shows and I kind of want to leave it as is and be remembered for that. I don't know if I wanna go on Baywatch and be like, the old lady working at a counter somewhere."

The film reboot will see Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron don the famous red shorts, with the San Andreas actor taking on the role of Mitch Buchannon, made famous by David Hasselhoff in the original series, while Zac, 28, plays Matt Brody, who was portrayed by David Charvet.

Sporting the legendary red swimsuits are Alexandra Daddario as Summer Quinn and Kelly Rohrbach, who will take on Pamela's character C.J.

While Pamela has admitted to still owning and occasionally wearing her one-piece, she told Harper's she wasn't 100 per cent happy with the colour choice.

"I don't think I would've worn red," she said. "But any time I've worn red, even red nails, it's lucky for me because it's something I really don't gravitate towards. It's so weird, (but) I was really comfortable in my skin and I didn't care so much. I thought, nobody's perfect and imperfections are sexy. And you know, I would've been on the beach anyway, so I was shocked that they hired me and paid me."

The Baywatch film remake is set to reach U.S. theatres in 2017.

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