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Paloma Faith: I was kicked out of ballet for my curves

Paloma Faith: I was kicked out of ballet for my curves

Paloma Faith was kicked out of ballet school aged 10 because she had "curves".

The 'Picking Up The Pieces' hitmaker has revealed she was ejected from the dance academy she attended as a child because she had started to show signs up hitting puberty and grew natural curves.

She said: "I've had so many (knock-backs). I was thrown out of ballet school at 10 years old and told never to be a ballerina or dancer of any kind because I hit puberty and showed signs of having curves. God forbid!

"Then I ended up in a dance college (in Leeds) and I nearly got thrown out of that because I was a bit too naughty - sending inapproproate material around to members of staff."

Despite her obvious talent and now being a coach on BBC talent contest 'The Voice', Paloma, 34, was almost put off being a singer too.

During an interview with The Sun TV magazine, the star recalled an audition she once had with a record label executive when she was looking for a break in the notoriously tough music industry, and said: "He sort of said I was too much like Amy Windehouse and what was I going to do about it? I just went, 'Screw you' and left. But that's what I've learnt. You're not going to be everything to everyone."