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Paloma Faith doesn't wash her face

Paloma Faith doesn't wash her face

Paloma Faith doesn't wash her face.

The 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' hitmaker has admitted she often sleeps with her make-up on because she can't be bothered to scrub it off before bed, but doesn't think the excess oil is harming her pale complexion as she's been blessed with good genetics.

She explained: "I often sleep with my make-up on and I never really wash my face with water. If I do, I'll use Dove Beauty Cream Bar. Otherwise, I'm pretty slapdash with my regime; I think [good skin] is mainly down to genetics."

But, when her lack of personal hygiene does backfire and she finds herself with a boil on her face, the flame-haired beauty turns her ugly spots into a beauty feature with the help of eyebrow pencil.

The 34-year-old singer told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "If I ever get a spot, I draw over it with eyebrow pencil and turn it into a beauty spot. The paparazzi have no idea - everyone thinks it's a mole."

Meanwhile, one thing Paloma does take seriously is her diet as she believes it's important to avoid dairy and wheat otherwise, she finds, it affects her vocals.

She said: "I don't eat dairy - it's bad for singers - and I avoid wheat. Instead I cook with buckwheat or spelt. I'm a good cook so I still come up with dishes that are tasty."