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Ozzy Osbourne wants Beatles song at funeral

Ozzy Osbourne wants Beatles song at funeral

Ozzy Osbourne wants The Beatles' 'A Day in the Life' to be played at his funeral.

The 67-year-old 'Paranoid' hitmaker hopes he will have a few more years to decide which tune sounds out of the speakers when he is laid to rest but would be happy to have any song by the legendary group.

When asked what song he'd like played at his funeral, he said: "I really need a few more years to think this over, but probably something from 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' or 'Revolver.'"

The Black Sabbath singer - who is also known as the Prince of Darkness - has ruled out having his own music soundtracking his death especially his greatest hits album, which he is "embarrassed" by.

He told NME magazine: "I definitely don't want my f***ing greatest hits album - I never ever play that thing, I'm f***ing embarrassed about it. And I definitely don't want a f***ing happy song - I'm dead."

It's only fitting that Ozzy - who has three children, Aimee, 33, Kelly, 31, and Jack, 30, with his wife Sharon - would go out with a track by The Beatles as their song 'She Loves You' was the song that made him want to be a rock star.

Talking about his rough upbringing in the north of England, he said: "I come from the backstreets of Aston in Birmingham and it wasn't a very cool place when I was growing up. I used to sit on my doorstep and think, 'How the hell am I going to get out of here?'

And then one day 'She Loves You' came on the radio.

That song turned my head around. My son always says to me, 'What was it like when The Beatles happened?'

"All I can really say to him is, 'Imagine going to bed in one world, and then waking up in another that's so different and exciting that it makes you feel glad to be alive."