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Osmonds saved by beliefs

Osmonds saved by beliefs

The Osmonds think their Christian beliefs saved them from the "pitfalls" of fame.

The musical family admit they were "offered everything" during their pop heyday, but don't regret maintaining their clean-cut image and staying focused on their careers.

Jimmy Osmond said: "We were wondering around the rock world and the pop world and you know, we stood for our beliefs and all of these things and no one knew what to do with that and it's actually worked to our benefit.

"Having a Christ-centred life has really blessed us. It's kept us away from a lot of the pitfalls that are out there. But we were offered everything as you can imagine. We don't take ourselves too serious. I don't think we're looking for anything but a desire to pursue our craft."

And the group think the integrity of an artist is very important to their fans.

Jimmy added in an interview with BANG Showbiz: "I love Taylor Swift. People want to know that an artist is standing for what they really are. So we've always put our belief system, that's what kept us together and the rest of this stuff is just what we do for fun."