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Oprah Winfrey praises 'role model' Taylor Swift

Oprah Winfrey praises 'role model' Taylor Swift

Oprah Winfrey has praised Taylor Swift as a "true great role model".

The media mogul is a huge fan of the 'Shake It Off' singer and admires how Taylor - who will turn 26 later this month - handles her fame at such a young age.

Oprah, 61, told Australia's Herald Sun: "I've never seen any woman handle herself the way she does. She makes my eyes water, the way she handles herself.

"She manages the whole fame trip, what it means to be in the spotlight, so when you think about all the things going wrong [with] the world, she is the true great role model."

Oprah's comments come some months after Taylor persuaded Apple Music to pay artists' royalties for streams played while users were on a trial period.

Taylor said: "I had no idea what would happen but I just wanted to say something.

"I didn't really expect anything to happen at all."

And Oprah is not the only person who admires Taylor, with Ed Sheeran, praising her for speaking out when something is particularly important.

He said: "Taylor picks the right things. She's very smart. That was the right time to make a stand and get people to listen to her because she's not banging on about things all the time.

"When she makes a point it's for a reason and then everyone follows it."