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Olly Murs: Simon Cowell 'sexy' with beard

Olly Murs: Simon Cowell 'sexy' with beard

Olly Murs thinks Simon Cowell looks "sexy" with a beard.

The music mogul has been sporting a more rugged look and the 'Troublemaker' singer and his 'X Factor' co-host Caroline Flack think he looks much better with facial hair.

Asked who they fancy most on 'X Factor', Olly said: "Simon with a beard, he gets my vote. How much sexier is Simon with a beard?"

Caroline added: "Really sexy. It made me go 'whoa' when I saw it."

Olly also confessed to getting starstruck when he met David Beckham because he has always "fancied" the sportsman and his wife Victoria and even used to carry a picture of them everywhere.

He told heat magazine: "I don't get starstruck by other celebrities. For me, it's when I go to football games and see some of the players who are legends. I've been a huge fan of David Beckham since I had a picture of him and Posh in my wallet.

"I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls, so I fancied Beckham and I fancied Victoria. Well, not fancied him - I wanted to be him and I wanted to be Victoria. I mean fancied Victoria.

"So when they got together, I was like a huge fan-girling fan. When I met him, it was great. He's such a lovely guy - we were chatting away like we were mates."