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Olly Murs reveals MollIE King crush

Olly Murs reveals MollIE King crush

Olly Murs has a huge crush on Mollie King.

The 32-year-old singer admitted he would love to date the 29-year-old star and asked Marvin Humes - who is married to Mollie's The Saturdays bandmate Rochelle Humes - to set them up.

Speaking to Olly on the Vodafone Big Top 40 on Capital FM, Marvin said: "We hear that you're on the lookout for a normal girlfriend, Murs. Right - what do the girls need to do to impress you mate? Come on, they're all listening now."

Olly replied: "They need to come and speak to you Marv, you know me well enough. They need to come and talk to you, and then you can set me up. What about Mollie King? You know I like Molls. She's fit."

Marvin promised to put in a word, saying: "Ah, Mollie, yeah, yeah, yeah, OK. I'll have a word, I'll have a word. I think she's single, to be fair."

And Olly went on to explain that he is looking for a "nice girl".

He said: "Ah well you never know, let me know. But no, to be fair, I'm just looking for a nice girl. Someone that I can sit and watch football with. Bit of Netflix and chill, you know, that sort of stuff."

Meanwhile, despite being linked to his 'X Factor' co-host Caroline Flack, Olly insisted that the pair will never be romantically involved.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday's Fabulous magazine, he said: "Nah, no chance! It's not going to happen. We have always been mates."

And Olly admitted he has found it hard to meet someone new following his split from Francesca Thomas last year.

He said: "I've been partying and have had fun. To be honest, it's not really me, as I'm quite a homely guy and like having a relationship. If someone comes along, great, but if they don't then I'm really happy at the minute.

"I hate to say it, but you become more famous and it's now a lot harder to meet a down-to-earth girl who lives around the corner from you.

"I'm a normal guy from Essex, regardless of my job. As soon as work finishes, I go and see my parents, play football or watch my mates play cricket. I wear my trainers, jeans and a cruddy top with my hair mucked up.

"Other celebrities are not like that - they live the lifestyle 24/7 and fly around the world on private planes. I just want to find a normal girl."

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