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Olly Murs needed a week in bed

Olly Murs needed a week in bed

Olly Murs "couldn't move" for a week because he was so exhausted.

The 32-year-old singer admits the pressure of juggling his music career with presenting UK TV talent show 'The X Factor' turned him into a "zombie" and he needed a whole week in bed to recover from his hectic schedule.

He told The Sun newspaper: "'The X Factor' was amazing but the schedule was hard. Then to add music into that makes it doubly hard. I'm a human being, I can't do everything.

"People forget you are on the biggest show on TV so as soon as you walk out on Saturday or Sunday night all the attention is on you.Being an artist I loved the attention but every night it was just so intense.

"It's the mental pressure of dealing with TV, the lights being on you, plus at the same time promoting your single and wanting that to do well.

"It was mentally and physically tiring because of all the travelling I was doing in between it all.

"In the lead up to Christmas it hit me hard. I had a week in bed when I couldn't move.

"It was a bit of a brain freeze. I was a bit of a zombie. I had to have three or four days in silence when I just chilled out, got off my phone and had a bit of me time."

The 'Troublemaker' hitmaker has been working hard on new music, which is largely inspired by his break-up from Francesca Thomas last year.

But despite his heartbreak, Olly is still in touch with his former lover.

He said: "We are still on speaking terms so we still talk, not regularly, but we do go back and forth here and there.

"I haven't spoken to her about my music but I'm sure she'll be predicting that there will be something about her.

"You realise a lot when you come out of a relationship after three years.

"There are times when you have negative views about your ex but there were times when I caused arguments or I caused fights for no reason."