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Olly Murs makes £5.2 million

Olly Murs makes £5.2 million

Olly Murs made £5.2 million last year.

The 'Wrapped Up' hitmaker's bank balance soared from £1.5million to the hefty sum over the last 12 months, helped by his touring schedule, sales of his album 'Never Been Better' and his hosting stint on 'The X Factor'.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Olly's bank balance is reflecting his career. As long as his popularity in the charts remains strong, he'll benefit from lucrative endorsements and job offers. That's showing no sign of waning."

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old singer is gearing up to release his fifth studio album and has teased that the music will be "a lot sexier than normal" after he split from his girlfriend of three years Francesca Thomas last year.

He said: "It definitely feels a lot sexier than normal. I think because it's being single I am in a different place than I was with the last album.

"It's a lot sexier than I've done before. I wrote with MNEK this week. I like to test myself and do different sessions with different people. Uzo's a really good talent.

"It's important for me to move with the times and not alienate myself from the industry. You always get a different vibe when you go to America."

And Olly is keen to stay in shape as he believes his career is more successful when he's not as "big and chunky".

He added: "I sleep eight hours a day and get one hour training a day. Being on TV, a singer and artist it's important. I look at my 'Up' video I did with Demi Lovato last year and I was quite big and chunky. I held it well but in this job you want to keep the fans interested in you and find you attractive."