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Olly Murs: I'm still not over my last girlfriend

Olly Murs: I'm still not over my last girlfriend

Olly Murs is still not over the collapse of his last relationship.

The 32-year-old pop star has admitted he is still reeling from the heartbreak caused by the failure of his three-year relationship with property manager Francesca Thomas, 27.

He said: "I'm not over it. I don't think anyone is ever over a break-up. You're always going to think about them and care about them. It's like you've lost someone, like you're grieving, because they were there all of the time and then they're not."

What's more, Olly confessed he is concerned by how much he has started drinking since he and Francesca went their separate ways in September last year.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "The problem is at the moment I'm going out too much. You know when you go to the doctors and they ask you questions, they say 'How often do you drink?'

"Normally I'd say I have a drink once or twice every two weeks and now it's like ... every two or three days ... maybe."

Meanwhile, Caroline Flack - Olly's long-time friend and former co-host on the British 'X Factor' - revealed recently that she turned to alcohol after her co-presenting gig on the show was branded a flop.

She said: "I wasn't feeling 100 per cent healthy or 100 per cent happy. I couldn't turn to someone and say 'fix me' - I had to do that myself. I used to turn to wine if I had a stressful day.

"And I acted like it was a treat. But it's not a treat. You're just covering up your stress rather than dealing with it."

However, Caroline said the experience has helped her to develop a thicker skin.

She explained: "Not everyone is going to like you so you have to filter it."