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Olly Murs: I don't want to be old and alone

Olly Murs: I don't want to be old and alone

Olly Murs fears becoming "grey and old" before he's found love.

The 32-year-old singer has been single since he split from his former girlfriend Francesca Thomas over a year ago, and admits that finding love is "hard", and he's worried he'll be lonely when he's older.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the 'You Don't Know Love' hitmaker said: "For me the future is a bit uncertain, I don't know where I'll be, or who I'll be with. I can't not think about it. Finding that person, it's hard.

"The one thing I don't want is to be grey, old and never fall in love, and to never be with someone."

And the 'Grow Up' singer says he it's hard being the only single one in his group of friends, as his mates are never allowed out with him.

Even the former 'X Factor' contestant's usual wingman Niall Horan can't help him, as he's too busy finishing off his debut solo record since his band One Direction went on hiatus.

Olly added: "My mates all have girlfriends, they need a visa to go on a night out with me, so I'm Billy No Mates.

"I really need Niall to stop recording his record and come out with me."

Despite being keen to find love, the 'Heart Skips a Beat' singer previously said he wouldn't resort to dating apps such as Tinder - in which users try to find their Mr or Mrs. Right using a location-based social search - as he prefers "old school methods".

He said: "I'm not on Tinder, Jesus Christ! I was joking! When it came out and there was a craze I remember thinking this Tinder thing is kicking off. But no, I'm not on it. (I prefer to meet people using) old school methods."