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Olly Murs crushed by Mollie King rejection

Olly Murs crushed by Mollie King rejection

Olly Murs was crushed when Mollie King admitted she preferred Calvin Harris to him.

The 32-year-old singer recently revealed that he had a huge crush on The Saturdays star but she admitted that she actually fancied Taylor Swift's hunky ex, Calvin, instead.

Olly told The Sun: "Mollie said she preferred Calvin (Harris). That's what I heard. I think she said, 'Yeah I like Olly, he's great, but I really like Calvin'. I was like, 'Oh cheers!' At the moment I'm not really seeing anyone. I'm just concentrating on the album.

"I don't date famous people, not really, I don't think they like me.

"They prefer other people! I'd never say no to dating anyone famous but I've never really met anyone that I've had that connection with. I just get attracted to normal girls."

Olly has been single since he split from property manager Francesca Thomas a year ago and recently asked Marvin Humes - who is married to Mollie's The Saturdays bandmate Rochelle Humes - to set them up.

Speaking to Olly on his Capital FM show, Marvin said: "Right - what do the girls need to do to impress you mate?"

Olly replied: "They need to come and speak to you Marv, you know me well enough. They need to come and talk to you, and then you can set me up. What about Mollie King? You know I like Molls. She's fit."

However, despite his lack of success with Mollie, 29, Olly revealed he won't be turning to dating apps such as Tinder just yet.

He said: "I did joke about it with my mates but no. You might catch me on there one day, just as a secret."