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Olivia Wilde feels 'so lucky' to have celebrated her son's first birthday

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Olivia Wilde feels 'so lucky' to have celebrated her son's first birthday

Olivia Wilde feels "so lucky" to have successfully completed the first year of parenthood.

The 31-year-old actress and her fiance Jason Sudeikis welcomed their baby boy Otis 12 months ago, and the two threw a big birthday bash for him to celebrate the "happy, happy day".

Olivia said: "Oh yes my Birth-Day! Labor day as my mother in-law calls it! We had an awesome celebration and especially in the midst of bringing 'Body Team 12' to the festival, I felt even more fortunate to be able to celebrate with Otis and be able to allow him to have this happy, happy day. I just feel so lucky and I am so overwhelmed with happiness."

The 'House' star can next be seen in a new documentary 'Body Team 12', which explores the devastating impacts of the Ebola virus, and Olivia has said filming it has made her more aware of how "fortunate" Otis is to have such a good life.

Speaking to E! Online, she said: "As a mother, of course it is even more painful to imagine leaving my son as an orphan and it hits you harder in every way to witness the suffering of children. I also emphasize with mothers now in a different way and I can't think of more of heroic story like this.

"My son Otis is an example of one of the fortunate ones and I am going to raise Otis with a sense of awareness and responsibility and he should know he got lucky. He won the life lottery!"