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Olivia Munn: I look like I'm high in pictures!

Olivia Munn: I look like I'm high in pictures!

Olivia Munn's attempts to look cool always backfire.

The 35-year-old actress is known for her stylish ensembles on the red carpet. But while she rarely puts a foot wrong in terms of her outfit choices, she admits she still needs to do a lot of work on her posing.

She said: "I need to work on my face!"

Admitting that her "dead eyes" on the red carpet make her look like she's "high", she laughed: "I do look high! You're right! 'Cause I'm trying to look cool."

In order to figure out the issue, Olivia decided she would take on the role of Photoshopping pictures of herself.

'The Newsroom' star Olivia opened up about her beauty regime in the interview with Yahoo Beauty.

As a sufferer of trichotillomania - a form of OCD that leads to her pulling out her own eyelashes - Olivia relies on eyelash extensions when she's out at events.

But on her days off, the pretty brunette usually opts to go au naturel.

She added: "If it's a good day, when I don't have to put extensions on, it [getting ready] takes maybe 15 minutes."

Olivia also opened up about her diet, admitting she sticks to an 80:20 diet - with the 20 per cent enabling her to have cheat days and enjoy her favourite foods such as chocolate and tequila.