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Olivia Munn: I learned to have a strong sense of self from my mother

Olivia Munn: I learned to have a strong sense of self from my mother

Olivia Munn's mother never "coddled" her and taught her to have a "strong sense of self".

The 35-year-old actress' mum Kim Schmid - who is of Chinese descent and was born in Vietnam, fleeing to the US after the Vietnam War - never pampered or indulged her daughter and she thinks this style of parenting helped prepare her for life as an actress.

Speaking to the new issue of FASHION Magazine, she said: "My mother never coddled me. She never really helped me. What I did learn from her was how to have a strong sense of self. She gave me the tools to figure out how to solve problems and fight my own battles."

Just as Kim's tough love has prepared her for a career in Hollywood, Olivia thinks it has also helped her to adapt to the social media age and the pressure of being popular online.

The 'X-Men: Apocalypse' star enjoys sharing her life with her fans but she doesn't think the amount of followers an actress has should have an impact on the roles they get.

Olivia - who has 767,000 followers on Twitter - said: "Social media is a real way for women to show our individuality and creativity, but your number of followers says nothing about your talent - this isn't a popularity contest. When it comes to true art, you want to find somebody whose actual work you love. That should be enough."

Olivia appears on the cover of FASHION Magazine which is available on newsstands and iPad on April 11, 2016.