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Olivia Culpo has own street

Olivia Culpo has own street

Olivia Culpo has a street named after her

The former Miss Universe was raised in Rhode Island, and the people of the tiny state are so proud of her, the road where she grew up had its name changed two years ago in her honour.

She said of Olivia Culpo Way: "It still has its normal name but it's also called that.

"It's really funny and testament to how small my state is."

But despite her affection for her childhood home, the 24-year-old beauty adores her life in Hollywood.

She said: "I love it and I'm about an hour away from my older sister, who lives near the beach and has dogs so I'm constantly asking her when my bed is ready."

Both of Olivia's parents were musicians and she grew up learning the cello, and turns to the instrument in times of stress.

She said: "I like that I didn't make a career out of it because that would have taken the fun and relaxation out of it.

"I practise a lot when I have an audition coming up or when I'm feeling upset. It helps me connect with my emotions. I've got a cello in LA where I live now."

The 24-year-old beauty admits she has been a victim of cyber bullying but tries not to take the nasty comments to heart.

She told HELLO! Fashion Monthly magazine: The reality of social media is that it can do so much good but it can also harm people.

"I learnt to not take negative comment to heart because those people don't know me and the only people I'll listen to are the friends I've had since I was a baby. I'm a loyal and cautious person when it comes to friendships."