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Olga Kurlyenko wants to be 'Jessica Bond'

Olga Kurlyenko wants to be 'Jessica Bond'

Olga Kurlyenko wants to play the "female" James Bond.

The beautiful Ukrainian actress played sexy spy Camille Montes in 2008 007 adventure 'Quantum of Solace' opposite Daniel Craig but she's not just content to play a Bond girl she wants to be the secret agent's lady equivalent, Jessica Bond.

In an interview with the new Loaded site (, she said: "I'd love to play a female equivalent of Bond. What would I be called? Jessica Bond."

Olga doesn't think a woman should ever be cast in the actual role of 007 but thinks there is a gap in the franchise for a equivalent character who is a woman.

She said: "James Bond is a man, so he can't suddenly turn into a woman. But there could definitely be a franchise where a Bond woman is the hero."

The 36-year-old actress was always interested in war and soldiers when she was a child and she's delighted she now gets to act out her fantasies on the big screen.

Olga - who plays a trained killer in her latest film 'Momentum' - revealed: "Saving the world is what I always dreamed about doing as a little girl. I'm kind of fulfilling my childhood fantasy.

"Instead of wanting to be a princess when I was younger, I wanted to be a soldier. I'd dress up in military clothes and play war with the boys. At that age, you don't understand why you do things. But I guess I just always wanted to be a strong woman."