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Norman Reedus: I hope there's seven Rihannas in Heaven

Norman Reedus: I hope there's seven Rihannas in Heaven

Norman Reedus hopes there will be "seven Rihannas in a hot tub" waiting for him when he makes it to Heaven.

'The Walking Dead' actor was asked about his spirituality during an upcoming episode of 'Inside the Actors Studio', due to air on 11 February.

Admitting he's not sure whether an afterlife exists, Norman admitted he has some very specific hopes if it does.

Asked what he'd like to hear God say to him at the gates of Heaven, Norman replied: "Wow, I wasn't expecting you. Come on back, there's seven Rihannas waiting for you in a hot tub."

Norman also spoke about his respect for co-star Andrew Lincoln during the interview on the programme.

He continued: "Andrew is the first one to set; he's the last one to leave. He's our actors' quarterback. And he's the screamer on set ... he gets everyone pumped up. I can't say enough good things about him. He deserves all of this."

Norman's compliment wasn't the only one that came on the show.

Speaking about working alongside Lauren Cohen, Steven Yeun said: "She is a vessel of emotion, spontaneity, of beauty ... there's a lot there. And you can throw anything at it, and you will get so much back."