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Noel Gallagher scared to tell children about party-loving past

ShowbizBy Sunday World
Noel Gallagher scared to tell children about party-loving past

Noel Gallagher is bracing himself for the day he has to tell his children about his hell-raising past.

The 48-year-old rock star - who has a 15-year-old daughter, Anais, and two sons, Donovan, eight, and Sonny, five - has admitted he's dreading the moment his sons enquire about his party-loving, drug-fuelled days.

He said: "My daughter's very much aware of it all. She's never really asked any questions about it, though. The boys don't ask questions yet because they're not allowed on the internet.

"Once they've got their own mobile devices - or whatever the f**k the term is - I'm sure they'll be Googling their old man and saying to one another, 'Geez, he was a f**king wildman, wasn't he?'

"I can just imagine them walking into my office with a confused look on their face: 'Dad... what's "avin' it'?'

"I can't wait for that. 'Sit down," I'll say. 'Strap yourselves in, 'cause this could get gory...'"

Noel thinks his children are "cool", but remains unsure as to how they'll take his revelations.

The Manchester-born star told Music Feeds: "We'll find out soon enough, I suppose. My kids are pretty f**king cool, as it goes."