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Noel Gallagher refused to sing at Lars Ulrich's wedding

Noel Gallagher refused to sing at Lars Ulrich's wedding

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich asked Noel Gallagher to sing at his wedding.

The heavy metal icon is a huge Oasis fan and became firm friends with the 'Wonderwall' hitmaker after they met in the mid-90s.

Lars, 52, was desperate for Noel to serenade him and model Jessica Miller when they tied the knot but the 48-year-old musician refused to be a wedding singer for one night.

Speaking as he hosted a special show for Absolute Radio - which can be listened to at - Noel said: "Lars is great you see. He's a huge Oasis fan. And he's a friend of mine.

"The first autograph I ever signed on American soil was for Lars. I didn't even know it was him. He said, could you make it out to Lars Ulrich and I wasn't looking at him. I said, what the drummer from Metallica? And he went yeah. And I looked and there he was. I was just like, god.

"I love Lars. I speak to him irregularly quite often. He asked me to perform at his wedding. I declined that - that was a bit weird. But he's a good lad Lars."

Lars has always been fulsome in his praise for Noel - who was in Oasis with his brother Liam Gallagher before quitting the group in 2009 - and his talents as a songwriter.

The 'Enter Sandman' rocker previously revealed Oasis has been the "soundtrack" to his life.

Lars said: "Oasis has been the soundtrack to my life for the last 20-plus years on this wonderful planet. 'I have stories and pictures in my mind that go along with everything, from the first time I heard particular songs and read certain articles, to hearing about the band's shenanigans and festivities.''