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Noel Gallagher: I 'never had a problem' with cocaine

Noel Gallagher: I 'never had a problem' with cocaine

Noel Gallagher "never had a problem" with cocaine.

The former Oasis star claims he was never addicted to the drug and refused to take it after a while because it "stopped appealing" to him.

He said: "It was a bizarre few months when cocaine stopped appealing to me, because I was still hanging out with the same people.

"I was drinking more - people were still doing it in front of me, which didn't bother me in the slightest, and I've come to realise in the years since then that I never really had a problem with it."

The 48-year-old musician - who has been clean from the drug for a number of years - believes the "only really bad thing" that it made him do was tapping his foot continuously and admits after he stopped the drug, he started to reevaluate some of the friendships he had.

He told The Sunday Times' Style magazine: "The only really bad thing it made me do was tap my foot a lot. At one point, the downstairs neighbours where I was living sent me a note querying 'the loud and rhythmic banging on the ceiling every night' - it was only my foot!

"Towards the end, I had a few nights where I'd scan the room and think, 'How the f**k have I ended up here with these people? We've got nothing in common, it's just the drugs."