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Noah Cyrus using Pokemon Go to find a boyfriend

Noah Cyrus using Pokemon Go to find a boyfriend

Noah Cyrus thinks she could meet her next boyfriend by playing 'Pokémon Go'.

The 16-year-old actress believes that playing the Nintendo smash-hit smartphone game could help her find the perfect guy.

She tweeted: "im probably gonna meet my next boyfriend at a Pokémon Go hotspot... think about that for a second (sic)."

The augmented reality game, which has been downloaded over 7.5 million times, requires players to venture out into the real world to find and capture various Pokémon.

The younger sister of 23-year-old popstar Miley Cyrus has joined a host of celebrities who are obsessed with the game including Mario Lopez, Wiz Khalifa, Ellen DeGeneres, Ruby Rose and the Backstreet Boys.

Meanwhile, earlier this year Noah revealed she is branching out into music, with the help of her singer father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

She said: "My dad always had me sing alongside him while he played guitar. He taught me how to harmonise to an old song of his, 'Missing You'. Writing is the best way to get your mind clear. It's also a great way to explain your past or what you hope for the future."