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Nile Rodgers understands why Ed Sheeran is taking a break

Nile Rodgers understands why Ed Sheeran is taking a break

Nile Rodgers understands why Ed Sheeran is taking a break from music and social media.

The Chic legend has been recording new music and touring virtually non-stop for the last few years and has had very few breaks over the course of his five decade spanning career.

At the weekend, Ed announced as well as having a hiatus from making music and performing he was also quitting social media for several months to stop "seeing the world through a screen" for a while.

Avid social media user Nile understands the 'Sing' hitmaker's need to get away from the pressures of fame, and admits he's in the perfect position to do so as an artist at the top of his game.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I can see where Ed is coming from - but he's at the top of the food chain now so he can do what he wants ... Look, I'm on the usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter and the like ... I think sometimes social media can get in the way of making music, there is good and bad with everything. But then social media can also propel artists forward. In today's world we get the chance to communicate with people in other countries and at hours of the day that we wouldn't have done in the past. That can be a great thing."

Ed's friends in behemoth boy band One Direction - Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan - have also just started a self-imposed hiatus, deciding to take two tears away from the spotlight.

Nile, 63, insists every pop star should have control over their career to decide what they want to do.

When asked if 1D are taking too long off, he answered: "I think that everybody has their own individual needs and wants and they deal with it in whatever way they think is right for them."

The 'Le Freak' hitmaker is currently preparing for next year's TEDxTeen day in London, which is organised by his We Are Family Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation founded in 2002.

The event - which is being held at the IndigO2 venue in The O2 on January 16 - aims to give teenagers an opportunity to fulfil their career dreams and inspire them with a series of talks from leaders in different fields.

Nile believes the 2016 TEDxTeen gathering, which has an "untapped" theme, is going to uncover some pioneering young people who is certain will inspire him to better things.

He said: "This year our theme is 'untapped'. We're looking for newbies, the first idea, the first collaboration, the first of its kind. When you hear our speakers and you see how it all ties together it's pretty wonderful ... Working with these teenagers is actually the best part of my life because it gives me faith that there's going to be a new generation of big, big thinkers, people who are passionate. It's very easy in showbusiness to get caught up in the mundane stuff, worrying about who is going out with who and doing things to enhance our own lives ... When I interact with these teens who are interested in other things than the trivial it makes me feel very hopeful and very proud that I know them."

To request an invite to attend TEDxTeen visit and the deadline to apply is Friday (18.12.15).

More information is available on Twitter (@TEDxTeen) and Facebook (