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Nikki Reed sends birthday love message to Ian Somerhalder

Nikki Reed sends birthday love message to Ian Somerhalder

Nikki Reed marked the birthday of her husband Ian Somerhalder by writing the words 'I love you' on a tree stump.

The 27-year-old beauty, who married the hunky actor earlier this year, has taken to her Instagram account to reveal a picture of the gesture and to send a romantic message to her husband.

She wrote: "You are my every dream brought to life. With our hands pressed together I know that we will always find our way home.

"You are a gift to this world, a teacher of light and a student of love. You radiate warmth in vibrant reds and deep orange hues. I often wonder what it would be like to see autumn arrive through your eyes. Here is to the next 65 years together, holding hands, strolling through the woods, still learning, still listening. Happy happy birthday...I love you."

The public display of affection comes shortly after Ian, 37, admitted he is ready to become a father.

Asked if he's prepared for children, the 'Vampire Diaries' actor recently said: "Oh, hell yes! Absolutely.

"You know, it's all about practice... It's not practice makes perfect - it's perfect practice.

"It's the most incredible thing to be happy and secure in something.

"It's a pretty crazy time and place to bring a child into this turbulent and insane world - but I really can't wait to do it and really just love it."