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Nikki Bella: I want Brie's baby to be just like me

Nikki Bella: I want Brie's baby to be just like me

Nikki Bella wants her twin sister Brie's baby to be "exactly like [her]".

Brie, 32, announced she is expecting her first child with husband Daniel Bryan, who is the General Manager of TV show 'SmackDown', on Wednesday (05.10.16), and now her sibling Nikki has shared her excitement over the happy news.

The 'Total Bellas' stars sat down for a Facebook Live interview with E! News, where Nikki said she was hoping her sister's baby is "a girl".

She said: "I hope it's a girl and it's exactly like me!"

Brie wasn't convinced, however, saying Daniel, 35, would hate having a child like Nikki.

She replied: "Oh, goodness! That would be my husband's worst nightmare!"

WWE Diva Nikki added that she is "excited" for her sister's pregnancy, and thinks it's "weird" how much her body has changed already.

She said: "It's crazy because I'm so excited for her when I've seen this tummy pop out. This past week, I've really seen the changes with her. It was weird to already see the changes in her body."

And for Nikki - who has been dating fellow WWE wrestler John Cena since 2013 - the news of her sister's pregnancy was even more special as Brie chose to tell her before anyone else.

Brie admitted: "I feel like because we are twins and we are sisters we have this really close connection and bond, so I feel like I tell her everything all the time, all my secrets. It just would've been weird if I didn't go to her first."

Brie had been trying for a child for some time, and was keeping her "fingers crossed" that she would get pregnant.

She said previously: "Well I guess the world should know I am trying. I'm not pregnant yet, that's why you know I indulged in some alcohol yesterday on the beach that paparazzi had to take a shot of. But yes I am trying so keep your fingers crossed Bella Army that I get pregnant very soon."

And the star also claimed that she would love to return to WWE once she's given birth and enjoyed the first stage of her baby's life

She said: "I think when I have my first child ... whenever that is, I would love to make a comeback to that ring. I think it would be awesome to actually be the real momma Bella."