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Nicole Scherzinger: Social media gives me anxiety

Nicole Scherzinger: Social media gives me anxiety

Nicole Scherzinger is petrified of social media.

The 'Poison' singer gets really bad "anxiety" using Twitter and Facebook because she is extremely "protective" of which aspects of her life she wants to keep to herself or share with her legions of fans because she fears people will misinterpret what she intended to say.

She explained: "Social media gives me the heebie-frickin'-jeebies. It gives me so much anxiety ... It's unnatural for me, I'm protective of what I want to share, I'll take a million pictures and stare at them and figure out a filter - then I think do I even want to share this? Because I know if my big toe is in the wrong place it's gonna be on the cover of the papers.

"It takes up too much frickin' time and then I end up not posting anything and it sucks."

However, the 37-year-old beauty - who previously dated Formula 1 racing driver champion Lewis Hamilton - would love to be able to have the courage to share more things with her 5.4 million Twitter followers, but she will forever be careful just in case people try and "ridicule" her.

She told the Daily Mirror's Notebook magazine: "I wish I could. I want to share so much but I get afraid people will pick it apart and ridicule you."