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Nicole Scherzinger's critical make-up artist

Nicole Scherzinger's critical make-up artist

Nicole Scherzinger's make-up artist thinks her favourite look makes her look "about 100 years old".

The former Pussycat Dolls singer works closely with Emma Osborne, who gets her camera ready for 'The X Factor' and the cosmetics expert thinks it is important to look "fresh and directional" rather than experiment with a wilder look.

She said: "I like to work with the outfits. She's at that age now... she isn't 20. With Rita Ora, you could do mad colours, but with Nicole you want it to look fresh and directional.

"Sometimes if we're doing fresh, simple make-up, she'll put a little pout on because she wants more eyeliner or more on her lips. She likes a dark vampy lip but if her outfit is also purple, I'll tell her she'll look about 100 years old."

And Emma isn't a fan of Nicole's beloved "big, puffy hair".

She added: "When she sits in front of the mirror she just wants to hide behind big, puffy hair and a dark eye.

"It's that whole LA vibe and going back to that Pussycat Doll look. I'm like, 'Babe this ain't no Pussycat Doll scene'."

Though Nicole is officially 38 years old, her make-up artist claims her true age is a "mystery".

She said: "She's got great skin and bone structure. I don't know exactly how old she is... it says she's 38 online, but it's a mystery - I daren't ask.

"She has the skin of a 20 year old though. She has collagen waves every week and the results are instant - it lifts, tightens and tones."

Despite working with the 'Poison' singer so closely every week, Emma insists she doesn't know if she has had Botox injections to look younger.

She told new! magazine: "She hasn't spoken about it. I don't know though. I don't ask those questions in case I get fired."