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Nicole Scherzinger's audition tears

Nicole Scherzinger's audition tears

Nicole Scherzinger was reduced to tears by an 'X Factor' hopeful on Sunday's (04.09.16) episode.

Marianna Zampi gave an emotional performance of Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song' after first opening up about how her singing career stalled after she got involved with an abusive partner.

She said: "I've been singing for a very long time and my journey got to a stop suddenly because I was in an abusive relationship.

"It was quite a hard time of my life but I'm able to stand here in front of you guys today and I can't even tell you how grateful I am. It's just one of those things, you're like 'YES!'

"Music's the only thing that kept me going at that time, after four years I walked out... for someone who was caged for so long, freedom is such a blessing.

"The past is in the past and I shall not dwell on it any more... here I am now, singing my life out every day, just because I can."

Despite her attempts to keep her emotions in check, Nicole was reduced to tears by the powerful performance.

She told Marianna: "I love you to bits. You're just awesome. I told myself I wouldn't cry and then you made me cry, it's real, you're very inspiring and I think it's awesome you're strong enough to share your story and I think a lot of women can relate to that."

Meanwhile, her fellow judge Sharon Osbourne hailed the 34-year-old campaign co-ordinator - who is originally from Italy - as an inspiration and said she had the best voice they'd heard so far.

She said: "The best voice I have heard in the auditions so far. Definitely. An incredible voice you have."

And Simon Cowell gushed: "Beautiful, you meant every word and I listened to every word. You have incredible passion when you sing. It meant something. It was real. You are real. It all feels right."

The overjoyed hopeful received four yeses to send her through to the next round, along with a number of other auditionees from Sunday's show, including 'living doll' Sada Vidoo, Louis Tomlinson lookalike Matt Terry and Russian beauty Irina Dedyuk.