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Nicole Scherzinger: I wouldn't have Botox

Nicole Scherzinger: I wouldn't have Botox

Nicole Scherzinger's health is most important to her.

The Pussycat Dolls star insists she wouldn't consider any cosmetic surgery as she believes it is more important to take care of yourself "from the inside out".

When asked if she'd ever consider having botox, she told The Sun newspaper: "No, I haven't. I think for me it's more about taking care of yourself from the inside out. I think health is really important.

"It's about drinking a lot of water and getting a lot of sleep. It's crazy what hot yoga or going on an amazing run will do. Anybody can always get that stuff done, but for me how I feel inside is a true reflection."

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old singer previously admitted she is in "a good place" in her personal life at the moment.

She shared: "I'm at a very good place now. I'm really happy. I don't feel like there is any wall up or any tension or awkwardness. But that's what's so great with time and life and experience. What doesn't break you or doesn't kill you really only makes you stronger.

"I wasn't shying away from anything. But I'm not taking any low digs or slaps at my past relationship because that's just not who I am. Music speaks for itself and it's open to interpretation for everyone. But everything I sing, I sing it from my piece of truth."

And Nicole recently hit back at claims her and her fellow 'X Factor' judges - Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne - are too old.

She said: "Look how glorious we all look! I don't think the panel is too old, I mean, you have me and I'm sch-amaze to the balls. Simon [Cowell] invented this, Mrs O is the queen of rock and roll and Lou Lou has been doing this forever.

"I think it's hard when you're trying to make a new start and discover things, just blossoming and haven't experienced life yourself. You're still trying to figure it out - so how are you going to mentor someone else who hasn't even gone through life enough?"