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Nicole Kidman needs Keith Urban to answer calls

Nicole Kidman needs Keith Urban to answer calls

Nicole Kidman gets "anxious" when Keith Urban doesn't answer his phone.

The 'Lion' actress admits she will keep "calling and calling" when her spouse fails to acknowledge her attempts to get through to him, but she knows her insistence on ringing until he finally picks up is "terribly demanding".

Asked her pet peeve, she said: "When people say they will do something and they don't. And I know it's terribly demanding, but I don't like it when my husband doesn't answer his phone. I have to keep calling and calling, and I get anxious. Does that make me high-maintenance?"

However, the 49-year-old actress - who has kids Isabella, 24, and Conor, 21, with ex-husband Tom Cruise and daughters Sunday, eight, and Faith, six, with Keith - isn't always mad at her husband as his romantic nature made her 40th birthday her most memorable.

She told the new issue of W magazine: "When I turned 40, my husband, Keith, drove me up to the top of this small hill in Australia and sat me down. He had put together this huge fireworks display. It was just for the two of us! It was sexy."

Nicole still has vivid memories of her first kiss, which was a "weird" experience as she and her then-boyfriend got romantic while watching horror movie 'The Shining'.

She recalled: "This is crazy: We were playing hooky from school. I had my first kiss while watching 'The Shining'. Is that not weird? And we did a few things other than kiss too! I didn't see a lot of the movie."

These days, the 'Hours' star is more "careful" about the movies she watches as she is growing increasingly more emotional.

She said: "Last year I saw 'Room', and I was absolutely devastated by it. I'm raw as I get older. I have to be careful what I let in."