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Nicole Kidman loves flying

Nicole Kidman loves flying

Nicole Kidman gets "excited" about being on a plane.

The Australian actress was delighted to be asked to be the face of Etihad Airways because she is so "passionate" about flying and always enjoys being in the air.

She told 'Studio 10': "I'm passionate about flying, I love planes and I love that they give us the chance to be somewhere very quickly.

"I still get excited about getting on the plane, I'm one of those people that gets excited to fly and when they asked me to shoot on The Residence I was like, 'Yes please'. I couldn't wait to see it because it's an apartment on a plane, I shot on it for four days."

Nicole - who has daughters Sunday Rose, six, and Faith Margaret, four, with husband Keith Urban, and adopted kids Isabella, 22, and Connor, 20, with ex-husband Tom Cruise - loves travelling because she is so "curious about the world".

She said: "I spend so much time flying just because of my job, and also because I am a traveler and I am curious about the world."

Nicole dreamed of travelling when she was a child and "got the bug" after her first flight aged 16.

Speaking at a press conference in Abu Dhabi, she said: "When I was 16 I decided that was going to be part of my see the world

"It's a very Australian thing. We're a long way from many places, so as a child you dream of going places. Unless your family has money you can't really go, so we didn't really travel that much.

"Suddenly when I was 16 years old I was told 'OK, go.' The first place I went was Italy. I fell madly in love with the country...and a man! That's where I got the bug. I have travelled ever since."