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Nicola Roberts' dog has eye removed

Nicola Roberts' dog has eye removed

Nicola Roberts's pet dog has had to have his eye removed.

The former Girls Aloud singer has been spending countless hours trying to nurse her pet pooch Ronnie back to health after he was forced to undergo life-saving surgery.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the launch of Magnum Double, hosted by Suki Waterhouse, in London on Wednesday (20.04.16), the flame-haired beauty said: "My dogs, Ronnie and Reggie, are cute - they're pugs, and one of them (Ronnie) had cancer at the start of the year and he had to have his eye taken out.

"So I'm trying to build his fitness back up. I've actually got him to a place where he leads me. One of them is really skinny and one of them is slightly plumper, so one races ahead and one stays lagging behind and I'm always at the back."

And, although the four-legged creature has been relying on her to help him, the 30-year-old star also doesn't know what she would do without her furry friends.

She explained: "I do like to walk the dogs every single day so if we're tired we won't run, but yeah, I like to go out on regular runs and it's just nice because I think that exercise just makes you feel so good. There's something about when you run with the dogs, I think they have a mentality."