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Nicky Hilton loves being married

Nicky Hilton loves being married

Nicky Hilton says married life is "amazing."

The 32-year-old heiress married banking billionaire James Rothschild in a lavish ceremony at Kensington Palace in London in July and thinks their relationship is even stronger as a result.

The handbag designer said: "It just feels more official. When you wake up and you look down and you have a wedding band and you're married. You're introducing as your husband or your wife - it's nice.

"I highly recommend it. If you find the right person, absolutely. It's so much fun."

The couple started dating in 2011 after meeting at mutual friend Petra Ecclestone's wedding and got engaged in August 2014 while on holiday in Lake Como, Italy.

While the pair haven't been married for very long, they are already thinking about starting a family.

Nicky told E! News: "Definitely, we want to have children in the future. Not right away."

A source previously revealed Nicky's older sister Paris Hilton, 35, is eager to settle down with her boyfriend, Thomas Gross, and hopes they will get pregnant at the same time.

The insider said: "Nicky is planning to have kids soon, and Paris loves the idea of them being pregnant at the same time."