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Nicki Minaj waiting for kids

Nicki Minaj waiting for kids

Nicki Minaj wants to wait for children until she is married.

While the rapper and her boyfriend Meek Mill have discussed getting married, they are not officially engaged yet and Nicki - who has spoken in the past about being broody - insists she won't have kids until she is his wife.

When asked by a fan on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show': "When are you going to produce a little Nicki?", she replied: "When I walk down a little aisle and wear a little white dress."

And despite wearing a huge rock on her left hand, Nicki insisted she and Meek are "still figuring each other out".

She explained: "That's not my engagement ring though. He said that that's my second ring and that if I get a third ring that that would be the engagement ring.

"You know, I don't know. We're still figuring each other out. And in fact, I don't even want to say that I'm in a relationship anymore because I think when people hear that they go to like the mean place."