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Nicki Minaj renting 30k a month love-nest

Nicki Minaj renting 30k a month love-nest

Nicki Minaj is renting a Beverly Hills love-nest for her and Meek Mill for $30,000 per month.

TMZ reports that the rappers' plan to buy a home together in Los Angeles was reportedly put on hold after Meek was placed under house arrest for 90 days earlier this year, for violating the terms of his parole in a 2009 drug and gun case, and they have decided to rent a pad together for now.

The 11,500 sq ft mansion has nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Meanwhile, Nicki, 33, previously revealed she wants children with the rapper but would prefer to wait until they are married, even though they have not yet gotten engaged.

When asked, "When are you going to produce a little Nicki?", she replied: "When I walk down a little aisle and wear a little white dress."

And despite wearing a huge rock on her left hand, Nicki has insisted she and Meek, 29, are "still figuring each other out".

She explained: "That's not my engagement ring though. He said that that's my second ring and that if I get a third ring that that would be the engagement ring.

"You know, I don't know. We're still figuring each other out. And in fact, I don't even want to say that I'm in a relationship anymore because I think when people hear that they go to like the mean place.

Nicki also revealed that her bossy nature is one of the things Meek loves most about her.

She explained: "When he and I were just friends, he would always say, 'You remind me of my mother, and I like that because you're like a dude. You're tough like a guy and you talk like a dude.'

"So I always got the sense that me being tough and bossy was a turn-on for him. And it's important for me to keep my voice. Being in a relationship shouldn't mean that you lose your voice. Being in a relationship should mean that you've met a secure-enough man to allow you, in a sense, to remain a queen."