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Nick Jonas would date Jennifer Lawrence

Nick Jonas would date Jennifer Lawrence

Nick Jonas wants to date Jennifer Lawrence.

The 'Close' hitmaker - who has most recently been romantically linked with Kate Hudson - insists it is so obvious that any guy would want to date the 'Hunger Games' beauty, he needed to give "no explanation" as to why he'd want to go out with her.

During an interview with Capital FM, the 23-year-old hunk was asked to join in a game that they play with all of their celebrity guests, titled "to bae or not to bae", where stars have to say whether or not they would date a famous name.

When DJ Roman Kemp put forward the 'Joy' star, Nick quickly shot back: "To bae for sure. That needs no explanation. We know why! What's not to love?"

And the 'Jealous' hitmaker also confirmed he would date 'American Idol' judge, Jennifer Lopez, but insisted it would be "weird" to explain his reasons why as they are such good friends.

He said of the 'On the Floor' hitmaker: "To bae for sure. She's kind of like the homie, she's my friend so it's kind of weird if I get too specific as to why but just in general. She's a great person and I'm happy to call her a friend."

But one person Nick rejected was Gigi Hadid, who is currently romancing Zayn Malik.

He admitted: "Not to bae. My brother [Joe Jonas] dated her."