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Nick Jonas' 'rough' days with diabetes

Nick Jonas' 'rough' days with diabetes

Nick Jonas has "rough" days with his diabetes.

The 'Jealous' hitmaker - who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes - admits he can find the management of the condition difficult at times but urged other sufferers to remember they "are not alone".

He wrote on Twitter: "Type 1 diabetes is a completely manageable disease... But there are some days that are just rough. Today was one of those days. For anyone living with diabetes.. Or any disease that complicates your life in any way.. Just know you are not alone.

"I'm so fortunate to feel free to speak about it openly and know that I am supported by the diabetic community.. but also by the world. Today's battles are a stepping stone to tomorrow's victories. Stay strong. Tomorrow is a new day. #diabeticlife @BeyondType1 (sic)"

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old singer previously admitted he was initially "scared" when he found out about the diagnosis.

He explained: "It was scary. The initial step was to learn as much as possible ... about carbohydrates and sugar intake, and how that would affect my levels.

"I've had a couple of diabetic episodes. Most recently, I was walking home and out of nowhere I felt my sugar drop. I was in an elevator, luckily with a friend, when I started to pass out. I got to my room and got some juice and snacks to get my sugar up. It could have been very scary."