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Nick Jonas: Music is the best therapist

Nick Jonas: Music is the best therapist

Nick Jonas says music is the "best therapist" he's ever had.

The 'Jealous' hitmaker is happy to be open about what he is going through as it helps him feel better about the things going on in his life.

Speaking in his Last Year Was Complicated documentary, he said: "There's no better release for me than creating. I just had to do it, I had that instinct. The minute she [his ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo] left, I was alone in my apartment. I was like, 'I have to come and get out of the city and write.'

"I came up here [to Mammoth Mountain] with my trusted group of collaborators. Immediately I was OK. I've tried talking to people and doing that thing, but I don't know. [I'm] too in my head and unwilling to open up and get deeper. I feel like the music is the best therapist I've ever had."

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old singer previously admitted it was important for him to get "vulnerable" on his album.

He shared: "I mean, it's always difficult to open yourself up that way, but it's important to get vulnerable. Right now, at this moment, Beyoncé and Drake and all these artists are really embracing vulnerability; it makes a huge difference. I'm working my hardest to lay out my stories and my music and connect with my fans - and my own self - in that way."

And the 'Levels' hunk says he has "poured everything" into the LP.

He wrote at the time: "I've been making this record for a year and a half ... Pouring everything I have into it. Tomorrow night I'm gonna show the world the first single. When I first started making I thought I knew what it would be about ... Then I had a breakup. It then became very clear what this thing would be about ... And that I would need to dig really deep.

"S**t is too real sometimes ... Reliving some of these real life experiences through this music is hard. But I know it's important that I do it. I want to be an open book in my art..The first song you're gonna hear tomorrow night is about how I literally can't open up and be vulnerable with someone. (sic)"