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Nick Jonas makes a first date 'low key'

Nick Jonas makes a first date 'low key'

Nick Jonas favours a "low-key" first date.

The 'Jealous' hitmaker - who previously dated Olivia Culpo and has been romantically linked with Lily Collins and Kate Hudson - thinks there is too much "pressure" for a first evening with someone to be "magical" so prefers to shun grand plans and "get a vibe going".

Asked his preferred first date, he said: "I'd like it to be really low key. I think there's this thing that happens where, with a first date, there's just this immense amount of pressure on both sides that it just has to be kind of magical.

"But the whole purpose is to get to know somebody, get a vibe going and then, from there, you kind of decide, 'Alright, do we want to do this again?' It's like the first course.

"A nice low-key dinner, maybe a drink afterwards, and then that's perfect."

If he is planning to take a girl for dinner, Nick is likely to choose pizza as he thinks a perfectly-topped pie is the "best thing in the world".

He said: "A good pizza is just the best thing in the world.

"It's really specific, but prosciutto, a little arugula [rocket].... I'm just describing the best pizza I've ever had, so forgive me for the hyper-specific description... a little Parmesan on top, fig spread and maybe a touch of truffle. Or just pepperoni and cheese."

But the 'Kingdom' star doesn't indulge too often as he tries to stay in shape and make healthy choices.

He advised: "Just make the better choice when you can. So it's not always about being healthy and being insane about it but, if it's between a burger and maybe some grilled chicken and spinach, then eat that.

"And once a week or twice a week, have the thing that you really want to eat and get in the gym when you can."