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Nick Jonas irritated by ignorant people

Nick Jonas irritated by ignorant people

Nick Jonas gets frustrated by "ignorant" opinions.

The 23-year-old’s sibling group Jonas Brothers dissolved in 2013 but Nick has since forged a successful solo career as well as various roles in front of the camera. He has a huge fan following, and Nick has learned to handle the criticism which often comes with attention.

"It depends what it's about," he told Britain's Elle magazine. "I invite all opinions because I think we're all entitled to our own, but I think that ignorant ones are frustrating. Social media allows for some really ignorant people to spread their voice. It's just unfortunate."

Luckily the handsome musician doesn't let negative comments get to him, despite admitting to having insecurities like everyone else.

Nick has a solid group of friends and confidantes to help him navigate fame, including influential women like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

"I think it's totally possible for men and women to be friends, and I think those friendships are important, especially with women you admire," he explained. "I think that growing up with such a strong woman - my mom raised four boys (so) she had to be tough - I'm not drawn to strong women, women who are really intelligent."

The star is still admired by ladies around the globe, though he feels the "pandemonium" is less than when he and siblings Kevin and Joe were in Jonas Brothers.

When asked to predict what his future holds, Nick kept a level head when replying: "I'm trying my hardest to live in the moment because I do jump around so much in my thinking. I've worked so hard on this (second) album (Last Year Was Complicated) that I'm truly enjoying it and living it in real time."

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