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Nick Jonas: I want to show people who I am

Nick Jonas: I want to show people who I am

Nick Jonas wants an "opportunity" to show people who he really is.

The 'Jealous' hitmaker says his Future Now tour with close pal Demi Lovato is giving him a chance to give fans an insight into his "next chapter".

He said: "I think the thing that we're both looking at is that this is an opportunity to show people where we are now. And if there's an awareness of our friendship, that's great but I don't think that we're assuming anything of anybody.

"I think that the key is for us to really give people that are fans a look into this next chapter and where we want to go in the future. And people that maybe aren't as familiar that just wanted to come out to the show and see what it's all about, to really show them who Demi and I are and make that the focus of this show."

And the 23-year-old singer insists he wouldn't want to be joined by anyone other than Demi on the tour as they're both at a place where they want to "get out there and continue to build what they're building together".

He told The Morning Call newspaper: "I think Demi and I both sort of looked up about nine to 10 months ago and said how amazing both of our individual careers have kind of taken shape in a whole new way.

"And feeling like we're both at a place where, if we were ever going to do this again, it was right now. And to get out there and continue to build what we're building together and knowing that we could put a really great show together."