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Nick Jonas' fame struggles

Nick Jonas' fame struggles

Nick Jonas found it "challenging at the beginning" to rid himself of his child star status.

The 'Levels' hitmaker rose to fame as part of The Jonas Brothers, which he formed with his siblings Joe and Kevin, and admits it is tough trying to break away from his past life.

He said: "It was challenging at the beginning, for me at least, and still is, to a certain degree, I think, far less now than in the initial launch of my solo career.

"I think that there was an association with people's first introduction to me [as a member of The Jonas Brothers] as opposed to them taking the music and my image for what it is now, in its current representation. So it took some time."

And the 23-year-old singer credits his close pal Demi Lovato for "pushing" him to show more of who he really is.

He told the Calgary Herald newspaper: "I see every challenge as an opportunity to pivot and find something, a new way of showing people what you're all about and giving them some more depth. There are moments I think we both pushed each other as well.

"Demi pushed me to get more vulnerable in my music with this next record and encouraging me to really open up about some things that happened in my life that I think will help people get even more connected to me. And those moments among friends and creative relationships are so important because I think they really shape not only your next steps but the way the world sees you, as well, which is key in making a transition from a youthful career to what hopefully is a long-lasting adult tour."