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Nick Jonas ate dead bird

Nick Jonas ate dead bird

Nick Jonas ate a dead bird which he cooked in his pants.

The 24-year-old singer went on a decent down the snowy Sierra Nevada Mountains with survival expert Bear Grylls for an episode of his show 'Running Wild' and wasn't expecting to find his dinner while they were relieving themselves.

Asked by 'Late Late Show' host James Corden what unusual meals he'd dined on during filming, Nick said: "I went to go pee actually, and Bear [Grylls] was also going pee, and he said 'Oh look what I found! Our dinner!'

"And he pulled, from where he was peeing, just off to the side, a dead bird. And he brought it over and said, 'Put this in your pants to heat it up!' "

After a "couple of hours" cooking in his crotch, the pair got to tuck into their meal.

Nick added: "He literally stuffed the bird in my pants to heat it up. Right here. And a couple hours later we pulled it out and we ate it."

Fellow guest Alan Cumming asked in astonishment: "It cooked in your pants?"

The 'Jumanji' star suggestively replied: "Most things do."

James then sparked laughter from his audience as he exclaimed: "Look at this guy! You know how hot those balls are!"

To prepare the bird, Nick and Bear stuffed it with grub worms and maggots to make it less dry, and the former soldier placed the creature's head on a spike.

He quipped on the show: "That's to ward off Nick Jonas fans."

Bear is known for forcing his celebrity guests to eat some gruesome creations, but he insisted it isn't always that "terrible".

He said: "People always say, 'Ah, you eat such terrible food.' It's like, 'Maggots and burnt bird - What more can a man want?"