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Nick Gordon: I 'failed' Bobbi Kristina Brown

Nick Gordon: I 'failed' Bobbi Kristina Brown

Nick Gordon feels like he "failed" Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The 25-year-old star says he blames himself for not being able to "protect" his late girlfriend - who died in July 2015 almost six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub - "the way he was supposed to".

He said: "I blame myself for not getting to Krissy quick enough that day. I can't blame myself for another addict's addiction but I feel like I failed her. She didn't make it. I wish she got help. I wish she got my spot [in rehab]. I did not protect her the way that I was supposed to - even if it was from herself."

And Nick went on to claim Bobbi Kristina's family have "a lot of guilt" because they weren't "in her life enough".

He told the Daily Mail Online: "She had problems long before I came on the scene. I think that family [the Houstons] has a lot of guilt of not being in her life enough. And you know it's funny, I hardly saw any of these Browns before and all of a sudden they come out of nowhere. They weren't in Krissy's life and I strongly believe they're looking for somebody to blame but guess what? I'm not filling the role of being the blame guy.

"The drug use was becoming more and more and we were already using a lot. People started suggesting rehab but she was resistant, addicts are always resistant. She was mixing drugs."

Nick has also recalled the events leading up to the tragic discovery of his girlfriend, revealing he tried to revive her by giving her chest compressions.

He explained: "Max [his friend] knocked on the door and didn't hear a call from Krissy. He knocked on the bathroom and still didn't hear a call from Krissy and that's when he found her in the bathtub. Then he calls my name.

"I knew instantly something was wrong. You know there's a tone; you can hear it in someone's voice. I ran to my room and then I saw my girl on the floor. It was so traumatising. I dropped to my knees and kept giving her chest compressions and blowing into her mouth. [She spat up some water and] I thought she was going to come round but that never happened."