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Nick Carter: I'm enjoying my wife's pregnancy

Nick Carter: I'm enjoying my wife's pregnancy

Nick Carter and his wife are making the most of their lives as a couple before their baby arrives.

The Backstreet Boys singer and spouse Lauren Kitt are expecting their first child later this year, but Nick isn't too scared about the prospect of impending parenthood.

Nick said: "You know the thing with my wife is that she is super cool. Things are not over the top and changing, it is all gradual and comfortable. You know people are saying to me that my life is going to change, trust me. When it comes to the life I have [Lauren] is making the process really amazing and comfortable. It's cool to have some time to prepare. I've really been thinking about living in the moment and enjoying every day that I have with my wife. I'm enjoying the process, because I've heard that your life will change and your priorities will change and that's great. So we are enjoying the time we have right now."

Nick added that his friends who are fathers have told him about the negatives of having a pregnant wife, but the singer has yet to experience any such drawbacks.

He added to "Well what surprises me is -- it's not as difficult as people say at this moment. The delivery stage and all that, I will have anxiety -- but overall I am having a good time."