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Nick Carter: 'Arrest was a learning experience'

Nick Carter: 'Arrest was a learning experience'

Nick Carter says his recent arrest was a learning experience.

The Backstreet Boys singer was charged with misdemeanour battery over a scuffle with a bouncer at Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West, Florida, in January but insisted that it was a one-off and he is ready to put it behind him.

Asked if it was a wake-up call, Nick told Access Hollywood: "Absolutely, we are all human, we act that way sometimes.

"But for me, it's always about learning from my mistakes and learning from things that might not necessarily be mistakes and little hiccups and things that can happen in life. I'm very aware of everything going on around me and know what I have to do to the best that I can be.

"Well you know things definitely don't turn out the way you plan it. I'm focused on the positive stuff that is happening and getting back on track."

It has been claimed that prosecutors will drop the charge and the offence will be wiped from his record if he completes 25 hours of community service within the next six months.

According to TMZ, though the 36-year-old singer seemed "pretty wasted" at the time of his arrest, he hasn't been banned from drinking during the six-month period but should not consume alcohol "too excess".

The 'I Want It That Way' hitmaker is also facing a civil lawsuit from the bouncer.