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Nicholas Hoult signs up to dating app

Nicholas Hoult signs up to dating app

Nicholas Hoult has signed up to a dating app.

The 'X-Men: Apocalypse' star - who dated Jennifer Lawrence on and off for three years until 2014 - has reportedly signed up to dating app Raya, which is used by a number of celebrities, the New York Post's Page Six column reports.

And the 26-year-old actor - who has been romantically linked to the likes of Dianna Agron and Riley Keough in the past - was recently forced to deny he was dating his 'Equals' co-star Kristen Stewart.

He said at the time: "Of course there's always going to be speculation. But there's also like a whole business behind people kind of fuelling those fires and creating speculation. There's kind of a whole industry behind that at play that has nothing to do with the actual people."

Meanwhile, Nicholas previously revealed being brought up by his mother and sisters taught him a lot about women.

He said: "My older brother left home when I was fairly young and my father [a pilot] was away a lot, so I was raised by my mum and my sisters. So I can maybe steer clear of some pitfalls that guys who didn't grow up with women would fall into.

"It's more the awareness that whenever they leave the house will be half an hour later than the time they said it would be - you know, additions in timing. And to never jump in a shower after a girl's been in there. It's guaranteed to be scalding hot."

And Nicholas credits his parents for giving him "realistic expectations" about what married life is like.

He added: "They support each other and care about each other. They also haven't brought us up in a household where we're delusional, thinking it's easy the whole time. We have pretty realistic expectations of how it works."