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Niall Horan hasn't met Louis Tomlinson's son

Niall Horan hasn't met Louis Tomlinson's son

Niall Horan still hasn't met Louis Tomlinson's son.

The 22-year-old One Direction star has said he does not see himself having any children in the near future, but he is eagerly looking forward to seeing his bandmate's son Freddie Reign, who was born in January.

He said: "No, I'm definitely not broody at all, me. Plenty of time for kids but literally I still haven't met little Freddie yet."

Niall revealed he has come close to having a face-to-face meeting with Louis' baby on numerous occasions, but for various reasons, it has never happened.

He told Digital Spy: "Loads of times we've been in the same place but conflicted ... he's doing this, I'm doing that. I'm looking forward to meeting the little fella."

Meanwhile, Niall's One Direction bandmate Harry Styles has been tipped for a successful acting career after securing his first-ever movie role.

The 22-year-old Brit is set to make his film debut in 'World War II Dunkirk' and John Papsidera - the man who gave him the role - thinks Harry has all the right ingredients to be a successful actor.

He said: "It wasn't because he's a well-known pop star - if anything that was more of a detriment, because it could bring the wrong message and we don't want people pulled out of the film because of who they are.

"Our aim was to have people who are fresh and don't bring a lot of prior work with them, so the audience will be really immersed in the film and not struggling with recognisable famous personalities.

"So Harry really had to overcome hurdles to get past that. He fought hard for it and his work was impressive and that's what attracted us to him."