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Neighbours' Matt Wilson never wanted to be an actor

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Neighbours' Matt Wilson never wanted to be an actor

Neighbours' Matt Wilson never wanted to be an actor.

The 27-year-old hunk - who portrays gay stripper Aaron Brennan in the Australian soap - has admitted he never set out to have a career in acting and was initially planning to keep up the talent as a hobby alongside his carpentry.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I'd been acting for a while, for maybe five years, but only as a hobby. I'd never been like, 'OK this is my career path, I want to be an actor.' I never had aspirations to get a gig on 'Neighbours'. I said in my mind that for the rest of my life that I'm going to do film productions as much as I possibly can."

But, when the handsome star got the call for the popular programme, he knew he had to ditch his building job, despite spending seven years training for his licence.

He explained: "At the time, I was working towards getting my builder's licence, which takes seven years and I was in my seventh year. I had the application in my hand when I got the call. I was doing really well...

"I won't be modest - I was probably the best out of anyone that we were working among and then I quit it to something where I was a first year apprentice again."